Welcome to Biology

We are a large active department offering more than 25 freshman and sophomore college courses on 8 campuses and several community centers. Plus we are building new labs and classrooms in Hays, Elgin and at the former Highland Mall.

As indicated in our mission statement, Biology primarily serves 3 different populations of students: Life Sciences and Pre-Med, Pre-Dental, Pre-Pharmacy and Pre- Veterinary majors transferring to university. Transferring students completing their Natural Sciences core courses. Pre-Health Sciences students completing prerequisite courses. For more information about the courses that you can take to achieve your educational goals, go to student connection.

The Biology faculty and staff are committed to help every student succeed in Biology courses. Lectures and labs are linked and taught by a single faculty member for nearly all our courses. And we provide individual attention by having no more than 24 students in our lecture/lab sections with no more than 36 in our lecture-only sections. Biology faculty members are available during office hours for one-on-one help, and all our campuses have Biology tutors ready to answer your questions. In addition, full-time faculty are happy to talk with you about your career goal and how to achieve it.

We invite you to join us in discovering about yourself and the beautiful world of nature.

Mission Statement

To prepare Biology students with fundamental biological skills and knowledge needed to transfer to another program or institution. To provide general education that prepares students to think critically and apply their knowledge of biological sciences to problems and concerns facing our society. To prepare students with fundamental biological skills and knowledge needed to enter and succeed in a workforce program or certificate.